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Shenzhen YuxiangTechnology Co., Ltd.The company is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China, development and production supplies, product integration, products OEM, microcontroller development, program design, software design, Welcome!

Yu Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. Apple accessories, electronic toys, LED lighting control industry, has accumulated rich experience in product development and design. Founded in the early focus on single-chip hardware and software development and design, electronic product design, project cooperation, finished or semi-processing and production. Have our presence in the communications, measurement, automotive, industrial, home appliances, security, surveillance, consumer electronics products industry. After several years of development, we are no longer satisfied with mere solutions provider, in the face of market demand, the formation of our own brand. .
We provide comprehensive solutions and product development services for the majority of industrial customers, including the commissioning of the development and production, product integration, product OEM, microcontroller development, program design, software design, develop, and so on. In the shortest possible time to help our customers to design products and test prototype
Over the past few years has been adhering to customer service first philosophy, and has accumulated abundant customer resources, and many of our customers long-term relationship. Let the best technology, the lowest price, best product and best service for the premise of seeking long-term, stable, harmonious and cooperative relations, both sides benefit win-win and common development.
Software Design - MCU software development and design software according to customer requirements, the preparation of the desired function.
Accordance with the actual hardware or rewrite the software part.
Schematic design - according to customer requirements and design circuit schematics.
PCB design - according to the customer principle diagram to design the PCB, also according to customer's existing PCB plans to re-design and planning.
The complete product design - based on the requirements of the project planning, schematic design, PCB design, software development, sample structures, and finally to give customers a complete program of products, allowing customers to completely eliminating the need for the product development process.
Development costs are not charged to provide free programs - the product development process, only part of the deposit, the late can be finished, semi-finished products supplier, software programming, etc., may refund all or part of the deposit in accordance with contract agreement.
Finished or semi-finished products processing is completed - for customers to develop, provide products processing services, to better control product quality and performance.
Product sales - sales of independent research and development products and welcome all the friends to each other to win.
Yu Xiang, Shenzhen City Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a continuous service in the field of electronics industry upgrades and new energy breakthrough with friends from all walks of life